NET.Notes 2.0 - Xpages application workspace - 2. TimeLine

David Marko  29 July 2013 05:00:00
TimeLine is  one of the new  NET.Notes 2 reporting features. TimeLine shows all the changes that have occurred in monitored Lotus Notes databases during the last  X (30 in our example) days. Timeline monitors modifications and also new documents created in databases . Then when you simply come back from your vacation after week or two not being in the office, you can open the TimeLine and observe all the changes in Projects, Activities, Address book or whatever module/database you use.

TimeLine is very handy part of NET.Notes 2 so its usually available on your desktop in particular tab all the time. If you want to manually refresh the tab, simply click on this icon ...  Image:NET.Notes 2.0 - Xpages application workspace - 2. TimeLine ... in left navigation. It refreshes not only the TimeLime but the every tab currently being active. What's more  you can even refresh the entire browser page, as Net.Notes 2 tabs are persistent so  this action simply reloads entire page including all the tabs ...

Image:NET.Notes 2.0 - Xpages application workspace - 2. TimeLine
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