Notes Mail in Connections 3

Stanislav Marszalek  27 September 2012 11:20:42
As a Notes developers we've decided to take part in Connections OpenNTF contest, which requires to build an application using XPages and somehow communicate with IBM Connections. Although we have no experience with developing IBM Connections apps, we take it as a way to learn something new. Thanks to Niklas Heidloff we get fully prepared image on IBM Smart Cloud, with installed IBM Connections 3, Domino server 8.5.3 and all services needed for upload files, see a console, change a properties etc. That is very helpful for somebody, who doesn't have an experience with installing Connections.
Following the instructions, mainly on Niklas site, we were able to implement XPage application as iWidget to IBM Connections. Sometimes it was quite tricky but after some make and remake we are able to see our XPages application inside IBM Connections.

Notes Mail

As a sample application in XPages we have developed Notes mail, which can display Inbox, Sent view and Calendar from user's Notes mail file. User can create new memo, reply or create new calendar entry from within IBM Connections. Calendar enables drag & drop. So far Notes mail allows single sign on using Connections account but we are working on some tighter interaction between those two system, like Activity creation from email etc.
Just some beta screens:
Image:Notes Mail in Connections 3
Image:Notes Mail in Connections 3

1Niklas Heidloff  27.09.2012 17:09:09  Notes Mail in Connections 3

Wau, looks very promising. Thanks for the update.

2Helen  21.10.2021 16:27:25  Notes Mail in Connections 3

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