NET.Notes 2.0 - Xpages application workspace - 6. Tabbed workspace

David Marko  27 August 2013 06:30:00
Tabbed workspace is very key part of the entire NET.Notes 2 user interface. New documents, views and pages are opening into new tab on NET.Notes  workspace instead of opening the new browser window or browser tab. This approach creates very slick and consistent user interface easy to understand for common users. Tabs are persistent and survive browser restarts. Users can open many tabs they need to do their daily job, at the end of the day can close the browser and next day they simply log in and continue with all tabs available. Tabs are also bookmarkable individually or any LN application can create a link to particular page.

What's more the entire UI is very similar to iNotes which brings very seamless user experience.

Image:NET.Notes 2.0 - Xpages application workspace - 6. Tabbed workspace