Simple GTD application in XPages

Stanislav Marszalek  27 June 2012 15:49:52
The beauty of XPages is that you can take a completely different approach in application development then you are used to in classical Notes client. To demonstrate this we’ve started to develop GTD application based on Notes mail.  The main idea is simply move email as task among folders. Incoming email which takes up to 2 minutes to processed was replied or done and moved to @Done folder.

More complex emails, which need action as soon as possible, were moved to @Action folder, whereas those, which can be done in 'unspecified future', were put into @Sometime folder. In the same way you can use any other folder for different type of action. While working with tasks/emails, you can move them among folders to achieve empty inbox and empty @Action folder, which in fact never happens. But at least we are trying ;-)

All this can be done easily in Notes client, but we want to work with this using iPad or mobile or any web browser, so we’ve moved this functionality to XPages. Application in XPages can combine a lot of different development techniques, so together with XPages we’ve used jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap by which we can control application using both mouse and fingers, apply all various effects, which browsers allow nowadays. What can be done in the application?
  • Drag & drop items among folders
  • Drag & drop calendar entries
  • Create new item in any folder to make quick task
  • Create reminder by dropping email on specific time in calendar
  • Assign item certain color or priority
  • Create and send email

Image:Simple GTD application in XPages
Here is a link on demo

The beauty of this approach is that you can organize your emails on many different devices, because whatever you do, all changes are reflected in your mail file.

At the office

Here you can access your mail from Notes client or browser.

At home

You can use iPad for quick control of your inbox or tasks.

On the road

As all actions are done in your Notes mail folders you can synchronize them with your mobile device via Lotus Traveler and work with them in this way.

1Rob Darwin  27.06.2012 17:15:57  Simple GTD application in XPages

I love this! I recently did a classic Domino app using jQuery and Bootstrap and found it dramatically reduced the amount of CSS I needed to write to get the look I wanted.

One question: when you say you used jQuery to implement finger controls, did you use any plugins or were you using native jQuery events/jQuery UI draggable features?

2Don  27.06.2012 21:43:49  Simple GTD application in XPages

Very nice! Use the iNotes/Notes standard functions now, but this interface looks much cleaner. Would love to test it.

3David Marko  28.06.2012 10:06:32  Simple GTD application in XPages

Thanks for kind words ... For drag&drop we use jQuery UI, but custom build so library contains only code required for D&D so its not so big. We also use patch so D&D works fine on tablets (finger driven devices ...)