Change your Domino into SQL

    Stanislav Marszalek  26 November 2015 13:06:46
    We bring you a presentation from SUTOL conference in which we focused on creating dynamic charts from Notes data using AlaSQL javascript library. Do you need to group your Notes data according your criteria? Do you want to filter out specific documents? Do you like to see records within the time range you specify? Basically, do you want to send SQL commands to your Notes data and don’t let users wait forever? Then come have a look on this presentation, in which I show you how to build up a drill-down reports connected to Google Charts in XPages using AlaSQL.js library. AlaSQL.js is in-memory SQL database which is very fast and can work with JSON arrays and objects to which you can convert your Notes data.

    Here a presentation:
    Image:Change your Domino into SQL2


    1sean cull  26.11.2015 16:56:17  Change your Domino into SQL

    Very interesting, how much data would you be happy to hold in this way ?

    2Stanislav Marszalek  26.11.2015 19:43:26  Change your Domino into SQL

    We've tested that on json array of 1 000 000 records and it was still very fast. In real application we send 60 000 Notes documents in form of json array (around 10 fields for each document) and that is not the problem at all. The biggest issue is to generate json array from Notes view, which takes around 6 seconds so we send that by Ajax to not frustrated user :-)

    3Manuel Ruiz  5.1.2016 12:49:49  Change your Domino into SQL


    is there a demo database?


    looks very interesting

    great job ¡

    4Kevin  10.3.2020 13:35:43  Change your Domino into SQL

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