Lotus Notes To EVERNOTE Sync

David Marko  26 January 2012 11:36:19
The power of having offline Lotus Notes data on many platforms
... see details at  www.lotusnotes-to-evernote.com

The seamless way how to share your Lotus Notes database data to users using Evernote for PC, for iPhone/iPAD, Android , Windows Phone or Blackberry ...

  • per database definition of what is synchronized to Evernote and how often
  • Lotus Notes to Evernote updates based on scheduled basis defined for each data source
  • using @formula you can define how the data are being formatted in Evernote using HTML formatting
  • custom tags assignment using @formula language for each note/document
  • you can create your company Evernote account, sync selected Lotus Notes data there and share it to your employees or partners etc.

  • Domino server 8.5.x
  • Evernote free or premium account
  • Evernote supports PC, MAC, iOS, Windows Phone 7, Android. Blackberry


Application has no limitations itself, but Evernote account has the following limitations:
  • 100,000 Notes; each note can be a maximum of 25 megabytes (MB) for free users and 50mb for Premium users.
  • 250 Synchronized Notebooks (including Notebook Stacks). All 250 notebooks can be shared. There is no limit to the number of Local Notebooks (which aren't synced) you can have.
  • 10,000 Tags.
  • 100 Saved Searches.
Image:Lotus Notes To EVERNOTE Sync  Image:Lotus Notes To EVERNOTE Sync


1) Adressbook sharing


You want to make all or selected contacts from your custom addressbook available for users offline on their personal mobile devices


a) create the Evernote account for your company
b) define your addressbook database export in LN to Evernote application
c) in body part of the note include also personal contacts. Combining company and related personal information into one note saves some space (there is 100 K notes evernote limitation)
d) define tags for each company as the first letter from company name. Use simple LN @formula language. Evernote then creates the nice tags categories for you.
e) share this newly created 'notebook' in Evernote for your selected users .... You can share it as read-only source, so it fits nicely for our purpose

2) knowledgebase sharing


You have knowledgebase database on your Domino server and you want to make it available on your technicians mobiles.


You can develop nice mobile application, of course, but using Lotus Notes Evernote synch you can achieve the same results in very quick and convenient way. What's more, all documents can be available offline as well.

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