NET.Notes 2.0 - Xpages application workspace - 1. Overview

David Marko  22 July 2013 07:44:32
NET.Notes is our corporate web / mobile application solution based completely on Xpages technology. We have informed about the first version a year ago here extensively ) In the recent months our development department prepared the enhanced version of the package based on completely different design that allows some more advanced features (we use ACE Bootstrap template).

A few features worth to mention:
  • the complete users interface helps to navigate everything from the one browser window
  • desktop is responsive and stretches based on user screen resolution or device being used
  • each link opens in new tab. If tab is available for particular page, the existing tab is displayed
  • tabs are persistent between browser restarts. Simply open whatever you want and continue your work with these tabs next day or week after
  • top right screen corner contains a notification center which is updated to reflect the latest changes in entire application
  • each tab is bookmarkable separately to allow user to add them to favorites, to store them in browsing history or simply be able to send email to particular document that is able to open NET.Notes desktop with this document in tab
That's all for just wetting your appetite. We are going to look at the each feature in detail in separate blog posts ...

Image:NET.Notes 2.0 - Xpages application workspace - 1. Overview
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