Alternatives for Lotus Notes and Xpages applications - we are adopting Symfony Web Framework ...

Stanislav Marszalek  20 January 2015 10:37:25
We had a quite challenging year here at TCL DigiTrade,  As a traditional Lotus Notes shop, which is focused on everything around Notes for almost 20 years, we’ve made a huge step forward to web and mobile application development outside of Domino world. Lotus Notes market is steadily decreasing which impacts also our company, so our main objective in the last year, was to find an alternative to that product. Using our experience from analysis of many different Notes applications and their aspects , which include workflows, access rights management, document management, connection to email systems or relational databases, we’ve begun to develop a bunch of applications, called NET.Notes.  For this purpose we have adopted the following development stack:
But in fact, NET.Notes started as Xpages application using Notes as database and then it was ported to MongoDB and Symfony. We had to face a lot of challenges  on the road, because we wanted to implement all good things which you can find in Notes applications. You can imagine an access rights, workflow, richtext capability, emails, printouts, categorized views, searching etc. As a part of the task, we prepared a tool for data migration  from Lotus Notes(NSF) to MongoDB, which can move not only simple data, but also rich texts and attachments. That has required lots of testing, dead ends, new beginning, lot of effort. But now we can say, what can be done, what is impossible and what can be done in much better way and I think that we can offer a quite good alternative for those, who want to or has to move their Notes apps to a different environment. Apart from that, such a move puts a high demands on developers, who had to start to learn completely new tools, programming languages and databases. That is very challenging, learning curve is quite steep and it takes months to adopt  that new programming environment and model..

In the new year we will continue to offer standard Notes and Xpages application, but the main focus will be on new web and mobile applications based on NET.Notes. To see NET.Notes screens or even ask for live demo, visit our new website

S. Marszalek, CEO  
TCL DigiTrade Ltd.
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