OpenNTF Domino API - I LOVE IT !!!

David Marko  18 June 2013 15:04:01
Do you use Domino JAVA API a lot? Tired with all these NotesException or recycle() ? You probably noticed already but I have to emphasize myself. OpenNTF Domino API is great!!
What I really like are the API methods with human readable parameter names (see screenshots below) . Using this API you can easily get rid of all these arg0, arg1 variable names and API is now clear without looking to documentation. And what's more ... you are getting documented source code  for Domino classes. Simply use F3  Eclipse shortcut and dive into API internals  Kudos to all project contributors for their hard work, really!

PS: Is it possible to use it in standalone JAVA code that talk to Domino using DIIOP? If so, how can I establish the session?

OpentNTF Domino API project:

Information from Nathan T Freeman about the latest release ...

Image:OpenNTF Domino API - I LOVE IT !!!

Image:OpenNTF Domino API - I LOVE IT !!!