Lotusphere 2011 summary - from my point of view ...

David Marko  17 February 2011 08:07:49
That was my second visit in Orlando. Some time has passed since Lotusphere 2011 closing ceremony and I am trying to summarize all things that I saw there, stuff that I’ve listened and read about from other attendees. Here is my recap:

XPages – that was a key point from my perspective. It was something real which exists now, which was accepted and quite well received by developers according a number of applications in production now. You can see that XPages sessions were overcrowded and a book Mastering XPages was sold out there. That seems to be a future of further development in Notes.

Mobility – you can hardly find a man without smart phone or iPad there. Everybody was using that and in a few years that will be a primary device to access a network. During OGS there were 843 iPhons, 720 BlackBerries, 458 iPads and 142 Androids connected to local WIFI. So the focus on developing application for these devices is quite obvious and I am very excited that we have tools for it. XPages for mobile devices, Lotus Traveler for all main mobile operating systems are very promising.  

Cloud – move to the cloud was one of the main LS11 messages. Here I am not so convinced that it will happen in the near future but according Gartner in 2020 70% of organization will be on the cloud. But there were lot of passionate debates about that and here I can really recommend the slides from Marie Scott’s BP 301 session, where she discussed the cloud from all possible sides and from her own experience. She ended up with saying: “Remember, there is no place like home” ;-)

“Get Social. Do Business” – this mantra had been seen everywhere but it was one of the most confusing thing for me. What it really means? Can I find some product behind that? Are that all products from Lotus portfolio working together? Or maybe Lotus Connection? But how we can sell it? I can not imagine explaining customer that he needs WEBSphere and DB2, to be able to use blogs, share files, bookmarks, discussion with very reduced ability to make changes there. “Why don’t you use Notes templates for it?”, would be probably his first question. Maybe I am missing something here, but I think that “social software” means different thing for each particular customer and he will decide what should work for him….and then we can develop it for him…maybe in XPages?

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