David Marko  20 May 2015 03:59:00
There are two options available in “NET.Notes EVENTS” that help users to understand each part of the entire application. Both are available from top-right menu:
  • Help – this option activates in-line help integrated into “NET.Notes EVENTS” . Small bulb symbol appears around the particular parts of the entire system. Clicking on the symbol opens the window with contextual help.
  • Description – opens product web site in another browser tab. This information is commonly available on our public web site as well.

Details available here:

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1xfgfxcgfxcg  04.05.2017 13:13:45  NET.Notes EVENTS - HELP

Welcome to Canada Post Tracking Track Canada Post Couriers & Parcels By Entering the Canada Post Tracking Number

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2Percy Wallace  19.06.2017 3:42:47  NET.Notes EVENTS - HELP

Adjustable bracelets which are handmade from genuine elephant hair collected from the elephant’s tail. African Tradition dating back over 1200 years explains that wearing Elephant Hair Bracelets brings a prosperous lifestyle and protects the wearer from illness and harm. It is believed that the elephant is the connection between Heaven and Earth. Each strand is said to represent an aspect of your life: wealth, health, well-being, love, and harmony. Made in South Africa. Please note, that no elephants were harmed in the making of these bracelets. The hair is collected after it has naturally shed from the elephant’s tail.

3Trevor Castillo  19.06.2017 3:46:05  NET.Notes EVENTS - HELP

2 Knot Genuine Elephant Hair Bracelet

Africans are known for these elephant hair bracelets which are a style of bracelet that originated in Africa.

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4Jamie  20.06.2019 7:29:07  NET.Notes EVENTS - HELP

Thank you for the information. This is exactly what I need to find.

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