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GTD (Getting Things Done) is a well-known methodology that helps us to group to-do items into particular sections / groups and then move to-dos forth and back based on their progress. Defined by GTD methodology we can use the following basic sections (the section usage/naming depends completely on user and particular GTD board can manage different sections to reflect the board purpose):
  • in queue: all todos without immediate schedule (to hire the building we need  for the next year conference)
  • ASAP: all to-dos that I have to start work on as soon as possible (to prepare the course agenda)
  • immediately: all to-dos that must be  managed just now (to buy tickets )
  • waiting for response: all todos waiting for someone's else response (an offer has been sent and we are waiting on response now)
  • sometimes: todos for the future with no deadlines enabled (to learn Spanish)
GTD is available here to help user to manage all todos in NET.Notes EVENTS.  User can create his own sections, change their order and move to-dos among them by using drag & and drop pattern. Todos can be arranged to many different GTD boards.

Details available here:

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If you are going to represent your software as delivering GTD functionality, you should contact Anne at The David Allen Company for details on appropriate licensing or at least post their required disclaimer that your application is not evaluated or endorsed by The David Allen Company. see: { Link } I hope that helps.