NET.Notes 2.0 - Xpages application workspace - 3. Browsing History

David Marko  5 August 2013 06:00:00
Browsing history is one of the key parts of NET.Notes 2 . This feature automatically tracks the users work with the entire system and adds items to history for significant pages. Later you can simple go back to documents you were been working with by simply opening the history panel and clicking the link. Just imagine you tried to call your customer early in the morning, you found the address book entry for the contact person in NET.Notes to use the correct phone number. You tried to call here but she was not in the office. You decided to try afternoon. Then, afternoon you can simply go to history panel and open the contact entry to get phone number once again. No repeated search required, just one click in history panel. The same scenario applies to all your projects, activities and documents from any other NET.Notes module.

Image:NET.Notes 2.0 - Xpages application workspace - 3. Browsing History
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