Xpages and working with dates on steroids in JAVA

David Marko  4 July 2013 05:00:00
If programming in JAVA is  your daily bread, you probably heard already about the Joda Time library http://joda-time.sourceforge.net/  ... the huge lib for handling Dates, Times and all around. If you rather prefer something decent but still more powerful than JAVA standard Date() object, you can use JODD library and its JDateTime extension. I have blogged about the goodness of JODD java library a few times already. You can find my previous blog posts on this library here:

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Now back to dates :-) JDateTime can help you to manipulate Dates with very nice and understandable API ... just look at the examples below or navigate to the library documentation directly http://jodd.org/doc/jdatetime.html

Image:Xpages and working with dates on steroids in JAVA

JDateTime library can even parse the date from many string formats. It can become very helpful in many situations ...

Image:Xpages and working with dates on steroids in JAVA
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